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  • Not Guilty of Criminal Damage

    Police responded to a report of criminal damage because someone was throwing rocks at the house and breaking things. Police responded and did not find any suspicious persons in the area, so they proceeded to talk with the homeowners as to what happened. The homeowners stated it was dark and coul... Read On

  • Unreliable Indentification Leads to Not Guilty

    Early one morning in July, the police received a phone call reporting loud music disturbing the peace and quiet of the caller. A patrol car arrived at the area within minutes and drove around for ten or fifteen minuets but found nothing. Three hours later the patrol car had a suspect of an unrela... Read On

  • Not Guilty Disorderly Conduct

    Conflicting testimony by alleged victim leads to a not guilty verdict. State's alleged victim was an older man that claimed a person had played music on many occasions while walking past his home late at night. During his testimony he was unable to pin point the date of the offense how he was ab... Read On

  • Homeowner Charged with Arson Dismissed

    Fire Department was called because a house was engulfed in flames. Upon extinguishing the blaze the fire inspector investigated the cause of the fire. The inspector's report revealed that the fire was caused by arson. He explained the fire originated at a stuffed chair in the living room and the... Read On

  • Beastiality Results in Probation

    Unusual noises were coming from the horse barn and the owner suspected possible trespassers or thieves so he installed a night vision camera system in the barn. A few days later, the sounds of a disturbance were heard from the barn and by the time the owner got there nothing could be determined.... Read On

  • Not guilty of shooting gun in city limits

    Client was charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm in municipal limits and disorderly conduct with a weapon, both felonies. He was accused of shooting the neighbors cat while the witness neighbor watched. Phoenix criminal defense lawyer Brian DiPietro, on cross examination of the State's wi... Read On

  • Not guilty on Sale of Meth

    Client charged with sale of meth. Police claim they walked into restroom at a local bar and saw client handing meth to someone who was handing client cash. Police further claim that client threw the meth into a toilet and they did not retrieve the suspected meth, even though crime scene techs had... Read On

  • Not guilty possessing cocaine for sale

    Client was looking forward to visiting friends he had not seen for awhile. When he arrived at his friend's house he found several other visitors were present and they all had a wonderful time. Client decided to spend the night unaware that the house had been under surveillance for the past two we... Read On

  • Probation for delivery of 400 lbs of Marijuana

    Client owned a small print and copy shop, and was having financial difficulties because not too many businesses on people required printed materials anymore. While client was at a restaurant, he was approached by a stranger who introduced himself through a mutual friend. The stranger offered cli... Read On

  • First degree murder, jury says only manslaughter

    Client met a man who she was to marry and they moved into a home together. One morning she decided to go with her brother and father to the target range for shooting. While at the range her gun jammed so she decided to return home early. When she got home the front door was locked and she had le... Read On

  • Second Degree Murder Resolution

    Client spent time daily visiting his only son's grave site who died tragically during a drive by shooting. Even though it had been six months since his loss, client was still in distraught. On this warm summer evening client stayed longer than usual at his son's resting place realizing that he h... Read On

  • DUI with .12% not guilty

    On a late spring afternoon client was returning home. He had the windows of his pickup truck down when a gust of wind blew his hat off. As he grabbed for his hat he swerved off the road and got stuck in the soft sand of the shoulder. He was unable to get his truck out of the sand. Two men nearby ... Read On

  • Super Extreme DUI reduced to Simple DUI

    June 2021

    Client involved in a roll over accident on the freeway, fortunately no injuries. She had a blood alcohol level of .21 % and was charged with the super extreme DUI offense of blood alcohol above .20. Mr. Di Pietro attacked the investigation by law enforcement officers and emergency personnel who ... Read On

  • DUI reduced to Reckless Driving

    DUI with a blood alcohol level of .097 reduced to a reckless driving with a fine, and no jail. Read On

  • DUI reduced to Reckless Driving

    Driving under the Influence of Alcohol charge reduced to a reckless driving after challenging the denial of right to counsel. Client was stopped traveling the wrong direction on a one-way street. She was visibly upset and crying, and asked the police officer to make a phone call in order to cont... Read On

  • Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor Dismissed

    Contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge dismissed by pretrial motion to Dismiss for Lack of Probable Cause to arrest. A vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation.  Several people including the client and one seventeen year old were present in the pickup truck.  All had been drinking ... Read On

  • Threatening and Intimidation Dismissed

    Threats and Intimidation dismissed as client was acting in self defense to a trespasser. Read On

  • Case Dismissed for Lack of Evidence at Trial

    Client entered a Circle K picked up a pack of gum and put it into his pocket. He walked around the store for a few minuets then headed for the door. This activity was seen on the store's video monitor by the clerk who stopped the client at the door. Police were called and client admitted taking t... Read On

  • Felony Theft-Embezzlement Dismissed

    Felony theft dismissed on motion and argument that the state violated client's right to a speedy trial by delaying prosecution by four years. Read On

  • Shoplifting Charge Dismissed at Trial

    Defense attorney Brian Di Pietro filed a pre-trial motion to suppress the use of the in-store security camera recording because the version supplies to the defense was not able to be played and the state was aware of this. The court agreed that it would be unfair to the defense to allow the stat... Read On

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