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Misconduct Involving Weapon- Prohibited Weapons

Arizona has defined what is a prohibited weapon and covers a variety weapons and devices. The state has listed a bomb, grenade or propellant charged rocket that is explosive, incendiary or poison gas.

Also prohibited is an automatic firearm, a device to muffle the sound of a gunshot- known as a silencer, a rifle barrell less than sixteen inches long or any rifle or shotgun less than twenty-six inches long.

Also prohibited is a breakable container with a flammable liquid with a wick or similar device, as well as any explosive device.

Any chemicals including dry ice for causing a gas to create an explosive.

The following are not considered prohibited weapons: lawful fireworks, propellants used to power industrial tools and any device used for illumination made for commercial purposes.

To be convicted of misconduct involving prohibited weapons that state must prove knowingly made, possessed, sold or transferred a weapon and it is a prohibited weapon.