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What do I do when I'm charged with a drug crime?

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Drug charges are a serious matter in Arizona. Police officers often times go undercover as an informant, referred to as a confidential informant because they don't tell you that they are working for the police or that they are a police officer. Their sole purpose is to find people and try to convince them that they should find some drugs and sell those to the undercover agent. The undercover agent keeps track of these sales and transactions. There could be more than one, two, or three sales. The drug could be cocaine, it could be marijuana, it could heroine, it could be anything.

I have a client who was approached with a friend that said hey you know I can show you how to make some extra money. He said all you need to do is sell fentanyl. So he told him yeah I like to make money but I don't where to get fentanyl. He said I tell you what, I'll give you the name and the phone number of a guy to contact and then I can provide you with the fentanyl. The contact that he gave him was a undercover police officer. He didn't know that he was talking to police officer. The police officer convinced him that he should get a lot, 129,000 pills with fentanyl on them. The problem that my client had he didn't have access to that number to begin with because he wasn't involved in drugs in the first place. He just looked around for people that could provide him with the fentanyl pills. The cop kept on telling him no, I need more, I need more, keep getting me more. After six months, he was finally able to put together 129,000 of these pills to sell to the undercover cop. Unfortunately for the state it turned out the police officer had violated some constitutional rights. We were able to successfully resolve that particular case. But this is just one of those incidents where you have to be careful.

If you are engaged in criminal conduct, if you are selling drugs, or providing drugs to anybody, it's always good to involve an experienced criminal defense attorney. When you are charged with a drug offense somebody who has done those cases in the past they know how the case is going to be prosecuted, so that they can search the records, search the evidence search the police reports, search and investigate and look for those incidents where an individual's constitutional rights have been violated. That can be used to the advantage of the accused.

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