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This practice is limited to Criminal Defense and DUI Defense.


Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney

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Defending Arizona For More Than 39 Years

When facing criminal charges, you want a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle your case. You want someone who is trustworthy and well-established in the legal community as well. But above all else, you want an attorney who has the level of skill you need to get you through even the most challenging criminal cases.

For more than 39 years, Brian Di Pietro has done just that. He consistently uses his knowledge of criminal law and experience in the courtroom to provide residents in Phoenix and across Arizona with exceptional criminal defense regardless of how complex their case may be. Because of his background as a former prosecutor, Brian Di Pietro knows how the justice system works and what challenges clients may face, making him able to successfully defend clients both inside and outside the courtroom.

Because of our attorney's passion for providing clients with unparalleled criminal defense, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Brian Di Pietro Law, PLLC. We work hard to get you the best results possible, even if it means taking your case to trial.

Recent Case Results

  • Police responded to a report of criminal damage because someone was throwing rocks at the house and breaking things. Police responded and did not find any suspicious persons in the area, so they proceeded to talk with the homeowners as to what happened. The homeowners stated it was dark and coul... Read On

  • Early one morning in July, the police received a phone call reporting loud music disturbing the peace and quiet of the caller. A patrol car arrived at the area within minutes and drove around for ten or fifteen minuets but found nothing. Three hours later the patrol car had a suspect of an unrela... Read On

  • Conflicting testimony by alleged victim leads to a not guilty verdict. State's alleged victim was an older man that claimed a person had played music on many occasions while walking past his home late at night. During his testimony he was unable to pin point the date of the offense how he was ab... Read On