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Interference With Judicial Proceedings

Interfering with judicial proceedings encompasses a variety of related offenses. Some of these offenses include the tampering with a witness as well as tampering with physical evidence. Physical evidence can include any object, document, record or other thing of physical substance.

What is Tampering with a Witness in Arizona A.R.S. 13-2802?

Tampering with a witness in Arizona is when a person knowingly induces a witness in any official proceeding or a person he believes may be called as a witness to:

  1. unlawfully withhold any testimony,
  2. testify falsely or
  3. absent himself from any official proceeding to which he has been legally summoned.

The tampering with a witness is a class 6 felony.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can advise a person who has been charged with this offense and protect the person's rights.

What is Tampering with Physical Evidence in Arizona A.R.S. 13-2804?

Tampering with physical evidence in Arizona is:

  1. the destruction, mutilation, altering, concealing or removing physical evidence with the intent to impair its availability,
  2. knowingly makes, produces or offers any false physical evidence,
  3. prevents the production of physical evidence by an act of force, intimidation or deception against any person.

Inadmissibility of the evidence in question is not a defense, and the tampering with physical evidence is a class 6 felony.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer will assist in protecting the constitutional rights of the person charged.

What is Interfering with Judicial Proceedings in Arizona A.R.S. 13-2810?

A person commits interfering with judicial proceedings in Arizona if such person knowingly:

  1. engages in disorderly, disrespectful or insolent behavior during the session of a court which directly tends to interrupt its proceedings or impairs the respect due to its authority;
  2. disobeys or resists the lawful order, process or other mandate of a court; refuses to be sworn or affirmed as a witness in any court proceeding; publishes a false or grossly inaccurate report of a court proceeding;
  3. refuses to serve as a juror unless exempted by law; or fails inexcusably to attend a trial at which he has been chosen to serve as a juror.

An experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney has the knowledge and skill to help a person accused of interfering with judicial proceedings to manuever through the criminal justice system.