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Mandatory License Suspension for DUI First Offender

Mandatory License Suspension for DUI First Offender:

Arizona Department of Transportation will impose a 90 day driver license suspension upon arrest for a DUI. The first 30 days of this suspension is without driving and the last 60 days may allow for a restricted license to drive for work, school or treatment, if the person is screened for the DUI by an Arizona Health Department approved program.

If the driver refused to allow for alcohol or drug blood testing and this was a first offense refusal, the person may be eligible for a Special Interlock Restricted Driver's License (SIIRDL) after the first 90 days of no driving. Alcohol and drug screening would require 16 hours of DUI education to be completed with an SR22 policy and an interlock device installed on the car for the balance of the 9 months of the remaining 12 month requirement.

Should a person receive a DUI drugs only conviction it does not result in an ignition interlock. However, if the conviction has an alcohol factual basis combined with a refusal to permit blood testing, then an Interlock Restricted Order from Arizona Department of Transportation will result after conviction. The Special Ignition Interlock Restricted Driver's License (SIIRDL) does not count towards that ADOT Order and would only begin after reinstatement and proof of the Interlock submitted to ADOT. If a person would be eligible for the early removal of an Interlock Device for a first offense, non-extreme conviction that was preceded by the refusal suspension, the person must re-instate their driver's license on time and not a moment late.

The SIIRDL proof of the Interlock would count for a portion of the 12 month suspension required for a court's discretionary sentence. In these circumstance a suspended person must be re-instated at MVD at the end of the SIIRDL and began compliance with the Interlock Order. Do not mistake having the interlock installed and paying the interlock installation company without having the license re-instated as ADOT will not give credit for the interlock device being installed.

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