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Do I really need a criminal defense lawyer?

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So you are wondering whether or not you should contact a lawyer if the police are making an investigation of a crime, and they are focusing on you as a possible suspect or they are focusing on you as a potential person of interest then you would probably want to contact a lawyer to protect yourself against those charges that may follow. The reason that you would want to contact a lawyer immediately rather than waiting for the charges is that once you get a lawyer involved on your side then that lawyer then contact the prosecution make a determination of what the charges may be, if any. Sometimes it's possible for the defense attorney to convince the prosecutor of insufficient evidence and that they shouldn't be bringing charges at all. Also it's possibly that with pre-trial discussions with the prosecution you can convince the prosecutor as to the strength of the charge. Maybe it shouldn't be as serious as they are contemplating. Maybe it's only a misdemeanor charge that should be brought. So the sooner that you contact a lawyer to investigate and to contact the prosecutor to negotiate whether or not they've even going to charge the case or whether they're going to charge it at a lesser offense the better off you're going to be whether there trying to defend against a more serious crime so the sooner that you contact an attorney hire a lawyer get them involved in the case the much better your odds and chances of successfully defending against those charges are.

Your Need For Criminal Defense Starts Now

Whether you're facing a drunk driving charge or are being accused of first-degree murder, you need a strong defense to combat the arguments presented by prosecutors. Without a good defense, you jeopardize your civil rights, leaving yourself vulnerable to a wrongful conviction and serious penalties.

By obtaining an experienced lawyer immediately following an arrest, you put the law on your side earlier in the investigation process, which gives you a better chance at protecting your rights. By hiring a former prosecutor like Brian DiPietro, you would also have considerable insight into how criminal defense cases are handled and what needs to be done in order to get the best outcome possible for you.

Defending Your Rights No Matter The Crime

At Brian DiPietro Law, PLLC, we know what it takes to present a strong defense because we have more than three decades of experience handling a variety of cases in many areas of criminal law such as:

Aggravated Assault


Domestic Violence

Drug offenses

Fraud offenses

Property crimes

Sexual Offenses:

Violent crimes:

Weapons charges

Other Offenses

We also have experience handling cases involving asset forfeitures, a common yet troublesome element in some criminal cases.

Get Representation That Cares – Contact Us Today

At Brian Di Pietro Law, PLLC, we understand you may be feeling scared or worried now that you're facing criminal charges. We know you likely have concerns about going to jail and whether a conviction will have a negative impact on your personal and professional life. Because of our more than 39 years of legal experience though, we know how to handle tough cases and put your mind at ease.

Working out of our Tempe office, we help clients in Arizona obtain the peace of mind they need to take on their criminal case with confidence. If you have questions and would like to speak to our attorney, Contact Brian Di Pietro at 623-242-2655 and get a free consultation today.


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