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Offer to Sell, Transfer or to Import Prescription-Only Drug

What is sell, transfer or to import prescription-only drug

Arizona law makes it unlawful to offer to sell, offer to transfer or offer to import prescription-only drugs. In order to be convicted of such an offer the State must prove;

  1. The accused knowingly and
  2. Without lawful authorization,
  3. either offered to sell, transfer, transport for sale, or offered to import into Arizona, a prescription-only drug.

Transfer means to furnish, deliver or give away. So under this law a person does not need to receive money or anything of value, it can be a gift.

Penalty for Offer to Sell, Transfer, Import a Prescription-Only Drug

The offer to sell, transfer, import a prescription-only drug is a class 6 felony.

Defenses to an Offer to Sell, Transfer, Import a Prescription-Only Drug include:

  1. not guilty
  2. no offer was made
  3. mistaken identity
  4. The substance was not a prescription-only drug.
  5. lawful authorization

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