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Can Bribery in Arizona be illegal?

Bribery becomes a crime where someone is attempting to influence the decision of a public office holder. It includes any person who holds any position or office in a political party, whether by election, appointment or otherwise. This category of criminal activity includes public corruption. Bribery is defined as the act of giving money or other incentives of value in exchange for a certain action or behavior. In other words, bribery can occur when someone tries to gain influence over someone else's actions by the use of money or something else of value.

A great example is that of a public official who takes money from someone to vote a certain way or to agree to some other act that he or she wouldn't do otherwise.

Business owners, public officials, and everyday individuals have all been the targets of bribery in the Phoenix area. Since this is a criminal offense being charged with bribery can mean facing both state and Federal charges, depending on the circumstances behind the case. A charge of bribery can have serious ramifications on a person's employment, reputation or family, and It takes an experienced bribery attorney to provide a robust criminal defense.

Bribery of a Public Servant or Party Officer

Bribery of a public servant or party officer requires that a person intentionally offers, confers or agrees to confer a benefit upon a public servant or party officer with the intent to influence the public servant's or party officer's vote, opinion, judgment, exercise of discretion or other action in his official capacity as a public servant or party officer.

This offense also can be committed while a public servant or party officer, solicits, or agrees to accept any benefit upon an understanding that his vote, opinion, judgment, exercise of discretion or other action as a public servant or party officer may be influenced. It is no defense to a prosecution under this section that a person sought to be influenced was not qualified to act in the desired way because such person had not yet assumed office, lacked jurisdiction or for any other reason.

Bribery of a public servant or party officer is a class four felony. If you think that you might be under investigation for bribery please contact Brian Di Pietro a criminal defense attorney who knows that the mere accusation of such can be harmful to a person's reputation.

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