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Homeowner Charged with Arson Dismissed

Fire Department was called because a house was engulfed in flames. Upon extinguishing the blaze the fire inspector investigated the cause of the fire.

The inspector's report revealed that the fire was caused by arson. He explained the fire originated at a stuffed chair in the living room and theorized that four candles were used to start the fire while the homeowner was someplace else.

His conclusion was based on the fact that it appeared four candles were used, one at each corner of the arm chair. As the candles burned down,  it set the chair on fire which spread through the house. He found four wax remnants on the floor under the chair to base his conclusion on.

Mr. Di Pietro suspected that this was unusual in order to start a fire since the homeowner stated he was a smoker and often smoked while sitting in the chair.

Mr. Di Pietro had the wax substance tested to determine its composition and found the substance was not candle wax but consistent with plastic legs used to support chairs.

The arson charge against the homeowner was dismissed.

Brian DiPietro

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