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Not guilty of shooting gun in city limits

Client was charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm in municipal limits and disorderly conduct with a weapon, both felonies. He was accused of shooting the neighbors cat while the witness neighbor watched.

Phoenix criminal defense lawyer Brian DiPietro, on cross examination of the State's witnesses that the car sat in the middle of a field next door as client walked up to it, grabbed it by the neck and shot it in the behind. The witness admitted that she said nothing or did nothing while this happened.

The veterinary testified that there was a wound to the cat's behind and suggested it could be an entry and exit wound. On cross examination by Mr. DiPietro, the veterinary admitted he saw no powder burns to the cat and the wound could have been a dog bite.

The jury found the client not guilty of both charges, the discharge of a firearm in the municipal limits and the disorderly conduct with a weapon.

Brian DiPietro

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